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Arada East Village

Arada Anber Semi-Detached Villas - Aljada Sharjah

ARADA Developer comes with its new project "Anber Semi-Detached Villas" at Aljada Sharjah. These Villas are designed with perfect attention and coming with two parking spaces and considerable gardens. Offering the choice from three or four bedroom semi-detached villas.

Located in the heart of Aljada Sharjah's the most pleasing place where one can get everything is readily available, and where you will find the all the residents, working, shopping and culture together.

In a perfect world situated in the core of the city, Aljada the extraordinary network to encompassing regions and alternate emirates. Aljada is proposed is to furnish you with a peaceful way of life. Aljada facilitates the residents to be all that they would be able to Eateries and Bistros.

Anber Semi-Detached Villas are designed with modern style. The resident ensured to discover the scope of delightful feasting on their doorstep. The resident will enjoy the line free eateries to Top Brand, and from boutique bistros to easygoing eating. There will be a plenty of choices for resident and guests to eat or shop or enjoy.

Key Facts

  • These Villas are Near to the Central Hub.
  • The Central Hub will highlight the resident with a musical fountain show and variety of the Brands for the eaters
  • It will likewise highlight skate parks, films, an extraordinary games focus and an abundance of indoor and open-air stimulation.
  • Aljada advances a dynamic solid way of life, with straight ways extending the length of the advancement and a broad cycle organize.
  • Education offices inside Aljada incorporate kindergartens, nurseries also, four schools (two K-12, one essential and one auxiliary).
  • Healthcare offices incorporate general, private and polyclinics, and in addition two wellbeing focus.
  • Other open offices incorporate four Masjids, two post workplaces, an open library, a common guard focus and a district office.

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Glimpse of Anber Semi-Detached Villas